Old News

  • 2004/02/01: I changed to a better host for this site. So anyway, I didn't build PS2 Twin Sticks. After playing MARZ, I lost the motivation to build them; sorry about that. In other news, VER.5.66 is no longer at AI. I don't know what happened to it.
  • 2003/05/31: Virtual-On MARZ is out and I'm waiting for my Sega Direct premium version. I'll post some pictures if the extras aren't too lame. The initial gameplay impressions from people I trust are not so favorable. There is a story-driven single player mode, but c'mon, who plays Virtual-On for the story? Not me, in fact, all the translated Virtual-On storyline I've read was nothing special at best. But, the multiplayer in MARZ is what gets me. Though there might be i.Link versus support, the chance of full-screen 4-player versus is slim to nil, and I *hate* split-screen, so um, GG! However, there is one-on-one play! Oh yeah, that sounds great. All the stuff removed from FORCE that was justified by two-on-two is still gone in one-on-one, so ummm..... Anyway, I'll still be making MARZ-compatible Twin Sticks, and I will make a HOWTO guide. So stay tuned if you want that.
  • 2003/04/20: I put up a forum in case anyone wants to ask questions or discuss stuff. It's (update) gone. Also, the VER.5.66 machine at AI was broken the last I checked. It doesn't even turn on or something.
  • 2002/12/26: Hey what's up??! I thought I should update this page so everyone knows I'm still alive.
  • 2002/09/08: I've gone to AI a couple times in the last month and played VER.5.66... the sticks were replaced and (as of last week) are in great condition (great by *my* standards). It is 3 tokens per play, two for continue, with 3/5 rounds DM setting. I am NOT getting back into the game, in fact, the more I play, the more I want to stop (DM setting doesn't help). I only went to visit my friends. Nobody here really PLAYS the game, so it's very boring to me. Oh well!
  • 2002/07/09: Hey what's up? I'll tell you... I updated my PROJECTS page! Now it includes some nice information about making an Arcade-Quality set of Twin Sticks for Dreamcast VOOT. Also, I took a bunch of pictures of a Ver.5.66 control panel... they are also on the PROJECTS page. I still haven't been to AI to check on the condition of the Ver.5.66 machine.
  • 2002/06/01: Another update for you. I haven't been back to Arcade Infinity to play VER.5.66. But, from what I've heard, the machine hasn't been maintained AT ALL... the DNA Side apparently isn't usable (hence making the machine worthless). I'll look into this and I'll update when/if it is fixed. It still makes me cry that VER.5.66 is here and NEEDS ME, but I'm not doing anything about it... sigh, oh well.
  • 2002/04/28: OMG an update?!? Yes indeed, I updated this site; there was a broken link and now it's fixed (some web robot found it and emailed me)! Anyway, I won that VER.5.4g tournament in Seattle (mentioned in the last update). I'm now officially retired from VOOT. That said, Arcade Infinity recently purchased a VER.5.66 arcade machine! Yes it's the real thing, so you can use your custom VR and Quick Messages. I sincerely wish AI bought the machine 6+ months ago; I would've been there for hours each day for months straight! The displays are great, it is just like playing VOOT VER.5.45 on a really big VGA monitor. I went to AI a few times in the last week, and playing VER.5.66 just confirmed to me why I shouldn't play it. Anyway, it's been fun! gg's
  • 2001/12/10: The "latest replays" page has been updated with six new replays from last Friday's CABLE VERSUS session. Also, there is a VER.5.4g (arcade) tournament in late December at a Washington arcade called Illusionz. Click here for the closest thing to an official web-page for the tournament that I know of. I'll be there!
  • 2001/11/30: The "REPLAYS" pages have been updated with 10 new replays from today's CABLE VERSUS session. Also, I made a banner that can be used to link to this page.
  • 2001/11/23: The "REPLAYS" pages have been updated with a dozen new replays.

Kalxath sent me a couple great replays. Visit the DCFS PAGE or the NORMAL-STYLE PAGE.