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Update coming

Post by DZef » 26 May 2009, 17:45

A new update has been announced on the official website:


Main improvements:

- spectator mode in player match party lobby
- enhanced lighting and shadows effect (on/off selectable in options)
- pad rumble support
- extended customization function (start button to transform Cypher, etc)
- D-pad can now be used in Standard control mode
- Walking+turning enabled in Standard control mode
- floor-less Public Port removed from list when selecting random stage

The column also mentions some "Previously reported issues," which are being investigated. From what I know, one of the biggest issues is the cancelling effects of exploding ammunitions, such as Raiden's LTRW bazooka. There is a video out there comparing arcade 5.66 vs XBLA 5.66, where Angelan and Raiden just fires RW at each other. In the arcade version, some of Angelan's ice shots would get through and usually wins, but in the XBLA version, the explosion shield effect comes up faster and Raiden's RW would win.

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