MD/DC/VA MagFest - VO:OT & VO:F

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Re: MD/DC/VA MagFest - VO:OT & VO:F

Post by neoKEN » 06 Jan 2013, 00:16

DeepInTheHops wrote:they all looked like they were playing for the first time.
That is the state of Virtual On outside of us. Even though people may have played VO ages ago, no one ever showed them Jump Cancel, Watari Dashes, Turbo Attacks even though those techniques are super beginner fundamentals.
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Re: MD/DC/VA MagFest - VO:OT & VO:F

Post by MentholMoose » 06 Jan 2013, 01:36

Post some pics of the setup if you can.

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Re: MD/DC/VA MagFest - VO:OT & VO:F

Post by DeepInTheHops » 09 Jan 2013, 19:23

We never got the 360s set up, so it was just the DC. It was all the way in the back, literally the furthest TV from either entrance. Old 19" CRT set to split screen. No twin sticks. Not exactly a Kodak moment. :lol:

Heiligekuh had his 360 (and modded Saturn sticks) set up by all the HDTVs, but the adjacent TVs were in use whenever I walked by, so mine didn't get any use.

I did stop by periodically throughout the weekend to see if anybody was playing VOOT. Surprisingly there were, but nobody really knew what they were doing. Basically like "This looks cool! Wait, how do I do stuff? Dude, this is hard...". They all gave up pretty quickly. Without guidance, people seem to think it's like an FPS with terrible controls.

I played a few single player runs hoping it might draw interest from passers-by, but no dice. I wonder if better matches between competent players (me and Phantom?) closer to the center of the room would garner more interest. Might just scare people off instead. :ugeek:

Felt kind of weird playing on a pad again. I think I'm still better with it, but playing against the AI doesn't prove much one way or another.

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