No more SEGA sites

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No more SEGA sites

Post by ChexGuy » 13 Nov 2014, 22:03

Every tab is greyed out now. The only clickable objects are the Topics button and the One Man Rescue site banner - the only remaining site.

This actually happened back in May, which I think was around the time of the DDoS attacks on PSO2:
In July, they brought the home page and One Man Rescue sites back up but never brought the other sites back :V

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Re: No more SEGA sites

Post by The World - 2.0 » 15 Nov 2014, 11:46

Ah, so that's the reason I wasn't able to get on any of the Virtual-On Sega websites back in July(and still can't, to this day), including the one for Sega Ages Vol.31(PS2 VOOM)...

This was also the reason why I had to post that topic about how to perform the Extra Secret moves for each of the Virtuaroids in that game back in July.
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