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Possible PS4 Twin Sticks

Posted: 11 Jun 2018, 00:03
by MentholMoose

Re: Possible PS4 Twin Sticks

Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 17:26
by Porcupine
While there is nothing that can't be worked around, this game is made for controller pad. Presumably the added freedom in walking and rotating in unusual combinations is not going to be utilized on twinsticks. A few actions such as controlling the SLC and aiming lasers inside the startup animation are analog now. It won't be a major loss to simplify them, but they should read the stick inputs in more directions during those times if possible.

Since jump is designed to be a button, jumping on sticks will have a few frames of neutral direction which on a pad could move sideways. If melee maps to crouch, recall that you need to let go of the button to actually perform most melee. Certain fundamental techniques like the oneechan "big sister" cancel (input the second hit of melee then immediately dash without letting it start, then optionally perform the first hit of melee again) are going to be slower on twinsticks. It's unknown how you would guard.

Most turbo techniques can be done traditionally but the loss of dedicated turbo triggers means you'll be a couple frames slower at performing dashing turbo attacks. Some obscure techniques like air forward dash TCW (avoiding a special move) can only be performed with the turbo triggers. The super move button may take longer to reach on twinsticks. It's unknown how messages could be sent in 1v1 games (direction pad) or how targets could be changed in 2v2 games (R3 button).

Re: Possible PS4 Twin Sticks

Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 21:23
by ChexGuy
Tanita is a manufacturer of things like scales and thermometers.

I'm surprised that this article was made so recently and completely neglects to mention the crowdfunding campaign on Campfire. Of course, the crowdfunding platform of choice means shipping is going to be restricted to Japanese addresses only.

The goal is a whopping 277 million yen, all-or-nothing. Honestly, I don't think it'll make it. At the very least, we can have fun spectulating various things given the concept art showing a double trigger setup.

Re: Possible PS4 Twin Sticks

Posted: 30 Jul 2018, 10:07
by ChexGuy
Campaign ended at 82.5 million, just under 30% of the goal. I'd say the dream is dead, but I was kind of leaning towards the dream not being alive in the first place.

EDIT: Despite the crowdfunding failure, activity on the Twitter account suggests that the project is still moving forward in some capacity.

Re: Possible PS4 Twin Sticks

Posted: 18 Oct 2018, 06:43
by ChexGuy
The Campfire campaign has restarted with a much more modest 44.6 million yen goal.

This time the panel is roughly arcade sized, and they've gone with a dual turbo button design instead of dual triggers. At the time of this post, the twinstick pledge level is actually sold out (limit of 1000 pre-orders) while the full campaign is about 98% funded.

Why were they able to make a campaign with a drastically lower (14-15% of their initial) goal? The answer may lie in the upcoming PS4 ports of the main 3 games.

Re: Possible PS4 Twin Sticks

Posted: 21 Dec 2018, 13:49
by ChexGuy
There is now yet another Campfire campaign for an additional 1000 pre-orders with the same goals and pledge levels as the previous one.