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VOOT Control Panel and other art Scans

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 04:23
by twistedsymphony
I had picked up one of these a while back and recently scanned it for someone. If anyone is interested in using the scans to clean up and make printable art you're free to use them:

I also have or can make scans of any of the following:
-OMG Candy Marquee
-VOOT 5.2 Candy Marquee
-VOOT 5.2 Control Panels (I recently paid someone to clean up and vectorize these, I'll share once it's complete)
-VOOT 5.2 Twin-Unit Conversion seat backs
-VOOT 5.2 Twin-Unit Conversion speaker panels (I have one from the RNA side but it should be enough to make all 4)
-VOOT 5.2 Twin Unit Instruction sticker
-VOOT 5.2 Twin Unit Character stickers (really badly deteriorated, might not be usable)
-VOOT 5.2 Twin Unit Conversion side art
-VOOT 5.2 Twin Unit Dedicated - various cabinet art scans (might not be usable)
-VO Force Twin Unit Control Panel DNA Side

I do also have 1 VOOT 5.2 Twin Unit Conversion Marquee, but it's badly faded and I'm unsure if I'm able to scan through the plexi. I really want a pair of good condition marquees for the Twin unit conversion. If anyone knows where I can get them. If you have them I'd be willing to trade for say, VOOT Candy Marquees.

Re: VOOT Control Panel and other art Scans

Posted: 06 Jan 2019, 14:31
by geminimanx4

Would you be able to send me scans for the VOOT 5.2 Conversion?

I'm restoring a VOOM cabinet and installing VOOT 5.2 (Model 3). Eventually I'd like to upgrade it to 5.66 on Naomi, but the carts seem to be nearly impossible to find, unless I haven't been looking in the right places. I found someone with a single cart for sale, but I can't invest unless I'm sure we're going to be able to play tournaments. I understand I'll probably have to install Tri-Sync Monitors to be compatible with it though.

I'd be happy to pay you for your time. It's great to find others with the same passion for Virtual-On!

Re: VOOT Control Panel and other art Scans

Posted: 17 Oct 2019, 13:57
by mukiex
twisted-symphony, did you ever get those vectors? I might make some myself if there's no other vector options for V-O panels.