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Help needed: VOOM cabinet decals pictures

Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 21:14
by HerrCarl
Could use some help here: I am preparing for a local retro game party. PC port is planned to be demonstrated, and I wish to have some decals coming out from original cabinet. But I couldn't find any clear pics about the the top section. I have seen 2 pics on reddit but it's still too many reflects and shadows.

Could anyone kindly take some clear pictures, of a Virtual-On Cyber troopers cabinet decal pictures, and share it out? I just can't find any available cabinet of VO locally, it is already dead here. So I would like to try my luck here. Thanks in advance, if anyone will help.

If possible, it will be even better if all the decals are pictured. I have seen someone share a complete OT cabinet decals (too bad it's not available for download anymore), but no such picture collection for the first version's cabinet.

Decals wanted, especially the part above screens:
(72.74 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Reddit post. Pictures are high-res, but there are too many reflects and shadows so they are still not good for remaking: ... _boot_and/