Custom VOOT MSBS 5.2 Arcade Twin Sticks

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Custom VOOT MSBS 5.2 Arcade Twin Sticks

Post by jiakhang » 28 Jul 2009, 22:02

With thanks to the information provided by MentholMoose, I embarked on my crazy journey to make my own sticks based on the specifications as the arcade version which I am used to.

The project actually started in late June but I had been busy with work lately, so here is the progress so far.

Choice of components
2x Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V : my local aracade ended up using this because all previous sticks eventually broke.
2x Sanwa OBSF-24-W : 24mm white button
1x Sanwa OBSF-24-Y : 24mm yellow button
1x Xbox 360 wired controller : sacrificed for the PCB
1x Custom stainless steel plate : Thanks to MentholMoose for measurements
1x Custom wooden box : Used wood from a cupboard.
and misc electronic components which I do not know their names

Work log
23 June : Bought a used xbox 360 core with HDD. Signed up for trial Live account and bought VOOT 5.66. Tested the game over a LAN connection and found little lag. Fought the controls till my brain exploded, thus confirmed the need for my own sticks to preserve my sanity.

24 June : Got a friend, Fu Xiong, a talented Bal player, who could read some Japanese to help order parts from Sanwa after figuring out that I can use to send stuff to Japan only address and forward to Singapore. The bank transfer hurts like hell.

27 June : "Disenchanted" (WoW :P ) one of the Xbox 360 wired controller for the PCB. I had decided not to remove the analog controls so I can avoid any issues associated with their removal.

21 July : The Sanwa parts came in on after 2 weeks of screw-ups and another 2 weeks for transportation. Sanwa could not locate my fund transfer initially and Vpost gave vague instructions to make payment before they can forward the parcel to me.

25 July: Over the weekend, I customise made a stainless steel top for mounting purpose.

28 July : Mounted the Sanwa parts to the metal top. Holding a pair of sticks in my hands brought back sweet memories of metal slaughter from 1998.

2 August : Assemble the box and mount everything in. Sorted out a few problems with soldering and flaws. Activated 12 months Xbox Live Gold membership and started to fight it out with Japanese players online.
Test run succeeded !
Front view
The top plate
The insides
Sanwa parts
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Re: Custom VOOT MSBS 5.2 Arcade Twin Sticks

Post by MentholMoose » 28 Jul 2009, 22:38

Sounds interesting, I cannot wait for the pics!!

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Re: Custom VOOT MSBS 5.2 Arcade Twin Sticks

Post by Akuma_from_Germany » 12 Nov 2010, 10:36

Do you happen to be able to measure the width between the two mounting holes on the JLJ sticks? This way we can tell if you can put an arcade grip assembly on it. :ugeek: Thanks! :D

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