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Re: Buying items from Japan

Post by Porcupine » 11 Jul 2016, 16:23

Took a quick look and White Rabbit seems competitive.

Buyee has just now dropped their fees dramatically, so I think they may be the best again, for some orders. Their whole website and fee structure has been revamped. They now claim their service fee is roughly 5% or free, lower than it's ever been. Once again they have multiple hidden fees, but it's not the same ones as before. This seems too good to be true, but if I take their word for it, I might give them another try soon.

You effectively have to waive all insurance, checking, and package consolidation to attain the lowest fee, but that seems to be what they are best for at the moment. EMS shipping became way more expensive in June this year, so going the cheapest route is killing two birds with one stone. In response to the drastic increase in EMS shipping cost, many online Japanese shops and courier services have gone back to offering economy shipping options.

Hopefully the competition from Buyee will finally pressure Japonica Market to figure out how to start accepting direct credit card payments, instead of PayPal, whose additional 3.2% fees are bottlenecking their business.

By the way, as VOTwinstick said, another problem with Buyee is that they only work on Yahoo Japan Auctions and specific online marketplaces. Not only that, but they forbid me to bid on roughly 10% of auctions I look at. Their automated system flags sellers with insufficient volume of feedback (even if it's good) and flags auctions with certain words in it. For example an auction that generically states "Our grading scale for items - A: Mint B: Good D: has some dirt or scratches" gets flagged because the word "dirt" is in it.

The people who work at Japonica Market do a good job of checking your auctions for safety, using real people. So if there is a seller with 30 good feedback and 1 negative feedback, and the negative feedback says "You are stupid!" and was removed, they will bid on it.

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