VOOT VR Animation Lists(MSBS 5.2)(DC)

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VOOT VR Animation Lists(MSBS 5.2)(DC)

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Hi, everyone! I've got something I feel like sharing with you guys.

After an exhausting amount time and research, I have finally managed to complete 14 lists of animations that can be seen in the JP DC VOOT Model Viewer(mentioned in these two topics), one for each of the Virtuaroids. There's a high chance the lists aren't perfect(I probably messed up on a few things like terminology, etc. in some spots), but I did the best I could.

I have attached a zip file containing all 14 lists to this post.

Any feedback would be appreciated! :)

PS: The reason it says MSBS 5.2 on the subject line for this topic is because all the VRs in the model viewer have Sega Saturn-style V-converters on their backs, and also because you can enable MSBS 5.2 while in Debug Mode.
VOOT Virtuaroid Animation Lists.zip
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Re: VOOT VR Animation Lists(MSBS 5.2)(DC)

Post by Porcupine »

I took a look. Too bad I've never seen the Model Viewer myself but I can sort of imagine what you are looking at. Notice how the animation lists reflect some of the mechanics I uncovered in my frame data thread. Due to time though I may never finish the planned future sections of my frame data lists, such as frame analysis of CC moves and mechanics, or speed data for all VRs (not just Fei-Yen).

There should have been Tangram stage victory/defeat animations for each VR. We were able to see them in 360 VOOT by editing a replay. In many cases they look similar but a few are different.

The unused throw animations sound interesting especially since videos of Magical Index VO suggest that it has replaced all CC attacks with new CC throws that work differently and are super strong.
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