Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram - A Parody

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Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram - A Parody

Post by Vincent Voltaire » 04 Aug 2009, 19:53

(I have to post here more often, but that's another story. (E 74 on the Xbox. RRoD indeed) Also, relocate if this is not the right area.)

In order to expand my amusement with the series, I've decided to have a little fun with the entire VO:OT plot line. As a result, I've decided to write some fanfiction to try and piece together a story that could happen in OT. However, I do not plan to write a serious fan-fic. Rather, this one will be a bit more comedic in nature, hence the title Virtual ON; Oratorio Tangram - A Parody.

Note that while I'll try to keep the plotline within relative limits, as I have done a bit of research in the plot, especially with the companies and all, I am taking a few liberties with it. Of course, this is all for fun, and I hope that the storyline is at least coherent enough to make a few pilots laugh. Of course, because of the nature of the series in general, don't be surprised if you see a few anime references placed in for fun. (I'm looking at you Fei-Yen!) Anyway, let's get this started.


Welcome to the Virtual Century… it sucks.

To make a long story short, all those stories about corporations slowly taking over the world were right, because at this point, they pretty much own the place.

Thanks to various events in history, including but not limited to, the 2nd Great Depression, government instability in the Middle East, internet piracy, the fall of Google, the rise of Facebook, the falling of said Facebook, the “Pluto Kiss” Virus, Third Impact (twice), the Solar Orbital Space elevators, and four zombie invasions, (of which were quietly taken out by a retired military soldier, a businessman, a biker, and a horror film fan), the various governments throughout the world have shift their focus from one of national pride to competing against each other for massive economic gain to benefit themselves in the long run. At the same time, while you have the governments of the world trying to get their hands on every single credit out there, you also have mega corporate conglomerates establishing their own enterprise zones, trying to do the same to their own coffers, so you pretty much have a tug of war between the governments, and corporations, just for a lousy credit. (Just like our world… but more loco.)

Enter Virtual Century 0084

DN. Corp, sent a salvage team out to try and extract valuable Heilum-3 for the use of rocket fuel. What they ended up finding was an ancient outpost of unknown origin placed on the moon. Quickly realizing the significance of this, they placed all resources into analyzing, and disseminating the information that lied within the outpost. Their result, The Virturoids.

Information gathered from within the outpost revealed the existence of an ancient alien civilization that was once placed on the moon, as well as vast amounts of useful and useless technology along with it. In addition, a vast amount of mechanical information was located inside the head of one of the machines. Using the information extracted from said head, and codenaming it Bal-Bas-Bow, DN. Corp used vast amounts of reverse engineering and plenty of Starbucks Coffee in an attempt to get something useful out of all this. They succeeded, creating such machines like the Temjin, and the Raiden. (Of course, for the Raiden, they chose to install a pair of massive cannons extracted from 26 some odd battle cruisers, but it worked out in the end.)

With the actual research information kept under tight security from the rest of the world, DN. Corp decided to license these new machines for battle, hoping to find great use for them. As a result, with the massive amount of money the machines were raking in, DN. Corp became the de-factor ruler of the world. However, in the aftermath, some lousy engineer forgot to place the safety on a certain Superweapon on the moon. So it soon became a matter of trying to stop the weapon, or blow up the Earth. Needless to say, the answer was obvious.

As a result, on V.C. 00a0 (Yes, they use the hexadecimal system. Quit Complaining.), Operation Moon Gate was a go… except no one bothered to actually train pilots properly to use the machines for battle.

In the effort to find cheap and disposable pilots, DN. Corp decided to sent various control devices (i.e. Arcade Machines) into the past (circa. 1995 A.D./C.E.) in order to find those that tested positive for Virtual Operation, and possibly work within the Mind Shift Battle System to save the future.

This work… sorta. (Supposedly during testing, a child went into a coma during preliminary tests, and had his mind trapped in the Reverse-Converter device. This was eventually reversed by child genius L’Ln Planjiner, but she, and the syndicate representing L’Ln, refuses to comment. Additionally, DNA and RNA Corp are denying all allegations about the origin of a certain bug, codenamed “Jaguarandi”, existing within the M.S.B.S. and do not have intent on removing the bug at this time, as it does not interfere with the overall operation of the System. Any further inquires are to be directed to the appropriate public relations department. Thank you.)

So pretty much, to make a long story short, the players of the past saved the future by blowing up various machines of variant quality, a walking 4-legged tank named Z-Gradt, and the core of a giant super weapon; and thus the Earth was saved.

*cue Final Fantasy victory music.*

Unfortunately, someone down in DN. Corp was screwing around, because for some reason, days after the operation (and after completely random vandals destroyed every last control unit… supposedly.) an investor named Difused Alfred de Anber IV decided to buy out 51% of the company, and splitting it in two. As head of the rival corporation, RNA. Co., Anber created an elaborate plan to have the technology for himself, while destroying the super weapon, and one of DN. Co’s. major research stations in the process. (Did I mention said engineer was a double agent?)

This resulted in one, huge, massive, Gundam-like fight known as the Limited War. (And no, for the record, there was no Shinning Gundam… but I’m getting off-topic.)

After much fighting, and trashing half of Australia, the war reached a stalemate. Neither side was winning, and neither side was willing to let go of their control over the nine Virtualoid production plants…, and then one plant went AWOL.

The 9th Plant had the Space Time Causation Control Mechanism, or TANGRAM, installed within it, and since it disappeared from everyone’s eyes, this was a very bad thing. Ignoring the fact that this machine could very well rearm the super weapon on the moon, it could also, without blinking, mess up time and space itself. Because this weapon was powerful in its own right, there was a whole lot to gain from it. By the same token, the opposite could very well happen. As a result, the final battle was about to begin.

The rules of the engagement were as follows: Whoever locates and controls the TANGRAM system shall obtain victory in the Limited War, and if TANGRAM cannot be controlled, trash it before it destroys the entire solar system.

And thus begins the tale of Virtual On: Oratorio Trangram.

P.S. Feel free to leave comments and whatnot. Also, if it does suck, at least please tell me why, so I can either fix this, and/or ax it all together. Thank you.

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