Not sure if this is of any use...

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Not sure if this is of any use...

Post by guarayakha » 13 Jan 2011, 06:38

But I've managed to dig up this old site of mine, which is pretty much an archive of some sort with various stuffs taken from the net (seeing how much of VO fansites had died together with their infos, how lucky of me). It's an offline version, though, and since it was last updated on 2003, I didn't really get to fill in much of Force, but I included a special attack list (not entirely complete, but at least it covered the Bal Series). Feel free to take a peek and salvage what you could from this. :)

Unfortunately, the OMR section never got finished because I never managed to get the final 2 chapters from 0th Child... :( ... e.rar.html

If it doesn't load up right, it might be the messed up directory I had. Unzip this file in "D:\VOWebPage\", then load up Episodeguide.htm

Random midi files included under "p" :lol:

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Re: Not sure if this is of any use...

Post by Testament/Seven7 » 13 Jan 2011, 12:49

Thanks for this ^^

Kinda wish Fragmatory passage was more complete....but what can you do?

Besides wait for someone else to do it, that is :p
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