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non-VO figures

Posted: 17 Oct 2014, 17:42
by Porcupine ... 6039&page=

Reminds me a little bit of Jaguarandi. Will anyone be able to guess why? :D

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 23 Oct 2014, 14:47
by Viper2
The panties? :P

She's a loli that becomes something very powerful?

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 23 Oct 2014, 19:29
by Porcupine
Nope that's not why!

Here's a hint: I ordered that figure the day I made this topic. I just got it in the mail. The figure was under 7000 yen but the shipping was 5000 yen, despite it being a relatively small 1/8 scale figure. I haven't opened the cardboard box yet (may never get around to it, as I already have several hundred anime figures in stacked cardboard boxes). But I have a good guess why it is so big.

Actually the box is not that big but the weight is more than usual for a figure of this size box. Again, it's consistent with how the figure looks though.

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 23 Oct 2014, 20:30
by ChexGuy
it's the giant skirt thing isn't it

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 24 Oct 2014, 15:57
by Porcupine

Yup ehehe.

If you play as Jaguarandi in Force the butt is all over your screen. If you play as big Jaguarandi you won't be able to see a thing.

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 02:12
by MentholMoose
Porcupine wrote:...I already have several hundred anime figures in stacked cardboard boxes
Whoa seriously? That sounds like a pretty big collection! Are you documenting this on a blog or something?

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 18:57
by Porcupine
Well I've been collecting those (mostly PVC, few resin) figures for over 10 years now, so I have hundreds, not counting gashapon (I have a lot of those too but they stopped being as popular some years back).

I have relatively few out, and they are overcrowded into 3 "smallish" (similar in appearance to the popular Ikea Detolf but not by the same company, as I could not get those in Hawaii) glass display shelfs. I have 4 more of those shelfs but as I don't have enough bedroom space I never unpacked them and they are lying flat, unassembled in the yard. (I am terrified what I will find when I try to assemble them someday, as the packaging is all termite-eaten and rain-soaked).

I also have figures all over my bedroom, many covered in dust and others in those small soft plastic Japanese display cases (some turned yellow because the sun hit them so I'm sad now). Those mini-cases are stacked everywhere: on top of the Detolfs, tables, bookshelfs, and even the floor.

...That was the state of my collection about 5 years ago.

Since then I just continue to accumulate figures but with nowhere to put them, they just stay in the brown shipping boxes forever! Many times I have no idea if the figures are even inside because I never opened them. I just assume I have that figure. Sometimes I even forget what figures I bought already and then I don't know if I have to buy another one. :(

I used to buy 2 or more copies of every figure I liked but I stopped doing that when I ran out of room. Now I only buy 2 if I really, really, really like it.

The stacks of unopened brown shipping boxes go up to the ceiling and eventually spilled out from my bedroom into the corners of the living room and other guest rooms, and even outside garage-like storage (however, I am afraid to put too many of them in there because the storage houses get really hot and are super dirty).

But I don't document anything and the last time I tried to take pictures of any of my figures was back when I had less than 20 (because I started out with garage resin kits that I poorly painted myself). Before that, all I had was the Kaiyodo VOOT figures.

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 02 Nov 2014, 00:01
by MentholMoose
Well if you ever get around to taking some pics, post a link here. :)

Also the exchange rate has become really good recently so you can afford even more.

Re: non-VO figures

Posted: 02 Nov 2014, 02:23
by Porcupine
I don't think anyone would want to see pics of them in my room because it would just show a garbled mess of dusty figures and stacks of cardboard boxes. If you just want to see pics of the figures, there are always the standard web stores, plus figure collectors' webpages that will have far better quality pics than I could ever take. From the few times I did take pictures I learned that it's not easy to take good quality pictures: you have to get good and bright lighting and hold the camera steady (for me this means I must prop it on something).

But yeah I was gonna say that the exchange rate which was already good from before, went up 3 more yen in one day! (that's roughly 3% savings, for the other forum readers). I remember long ago when the exchange rate went down more than 6 yen in one day, though.

Unfortunately, the rules for figure buying now are that you must pre-order everything, generally half a year ahead of release, if you want to get it. So there is no way to take quick advantage of the exchange rate most of the time for figures. However I can check the places that sell used figures for stuff I've missed on. The figure in this topic still being in-stock a year later was an abnormality.

Ten years ago the average price on these figures was around $30, plus you could risk waiting then shop around for bargains. Now the average price is $100 and most figures don't drop in price. The distributors learned how to perfectly predict how much of each figure to make.