MAGFest VA- Want to plan a tournament for VOOT

Tournament info goes here!!
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MAGFest VA- Want to plan a tournament for VOOT

Post by KooPaMan520 » 22 Nov 2014, 09:57

Hello VO players!

I haven't been in this forum for a very long time... trying to catch up.
Anywaz, there's an up coming MAGfest in Alexandria, VA on January. I'm thinking of hosting a tournament for VOOT and maybe VOOM or force. It's going to be my first time hosting a game tournament but its going to be fun! Just want to hear any outputs from you guys. If you're interested joining or help out, please let me know or you can add me through ps3 or 4 (psn: Koopaman520) if you want to talk about it. You can also try to reach me through xbox (Koopaman520), BUT I mostly use xbox one just for tv, wouldn't notice if you msg me but i'll try checking. Hope you guys are going to MAGfest! lets try to meet up and have fun!!


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