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VOOT, VO & VO4 @ Zapcon 5 Arizona's Classic Arcade and Pinball Convention!

Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 08:49
by VOTwinstick
ZAPCON 5 ! Is happening in Mesa Arizona, April 29th & 30th 2017 ! This is the Fifth year of Arizona's Exclusive Arcade/Pinball Event! All are welcome to come! Over 300 arcades & pinballs set to FREE PLAY! Pay one price at the door and play-all! 9am to 10pm Saturday and 9am to 8pm on Sunday. Last year was a Virtual-On Blast! This year VO-MC is going to make the VO Blast Bigger! In addition to the VOOT 5.2 arcade in the Arcade Hall, VO-MC's new creation a all-in-one VO 2X console unit will be available to play in the Console Room! VOOM (split-screen 2P Vs.) & VO4 (Seat A, Arcade Mode only) @ ZAPCON 5! VOOT Tourneys are assured! There will be other arcade fighter tourney's and more. Arcade Gaming and related Vendors and Dealers will be there. "Quality" Food Trucks will outside building, Beer in the Console Room. You can contact me if have any questions... comments... or you're going.  See... those who do... there!

Website updates activities closer to event:
FB Zapcon5 Event Announcement:
FB Zapcon Past Years Pictures:
ZAPCON Event On-Site Logging: ... p_mobi=yes

Virtual-On 5.2 Oratorio Tangram Casual Play & Tournaments will be Recorded, possibly Streamed Live at the Zapcon 5 Event.
A Video Clip Preview:

We have a new RINGER Challenge? Let's Fight! ... 9971995648

Last years VO-MC Experience @ ZAPCON 4 2016 Available to Review:

Re: VOOT, VO & VO4 @ Zapcon 5 Arizona's Classic Arcade and Pinball Convention!

Posted: 04 Apr 2017, 13:49
by VOTwinstick
A friendly reminder...we are getting close.
Pre-order Tickets & Shirts are Live: