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Team Battle 2

Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 17:27
by Porcupine
I'm thinking of holding a second Team Battle, with modified rules to continue my theme of following the current Dragon Ball Super tournament. There will be two teams, and if they choose to participate I nominate Zaarock and Schooly to captain each team. This time let's follow Schooly's suggestion that captains take turns picking their team members.

Match format: 2 rounds, 90 seconds
Special rule: You must win the match and at least one round by KO in order to eliminate the opponent

Though this rule appears to encourage aggression, in reality it may encourage cowardly play or unusual tactics. This is intended to mimic a Battle Royal Survival in which everyone fights simultaneously. Players can try to avoid confrontation in order to live on. There will only be one match per set -- utilize the special rule instead to create more matches and reduce randomness.

Unlike the first Team Battle, when a player eliminates his opponent, he gets to choose his next victim from the opposing team. If a match ends without an elimination, the losing player stays out instead and fights a different opponent of the other team's choice. Assuming a team manages to eventually prevail, its non-eliminated members will fight among themselves using the same match selection rules until a grand champion emerges.

Hopefully someone is willing to record as there may be funny antics. If there is lag, or someone uses an incorrect time setting, the match still counts so just run away if you don't like it. Anyone who understands English is welcome to participate.

Event starts at 16:00 PST on Saturday. The week is undecided. I propose September 9, or whenever the next Free Gold weekend occurs. We always get one in October but there is no prior notice so participants would have to check oratan each Friday.

Re: Team Battle 2

Posted: 06 Oct 2017, 18:28
by Porcupine
It's free Gold weekend just as predicted, from Friday 10/6 to Monday 10/9. We may get another free Gold weekend before the year is done. Anyone want to have Team Battle 2?