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Cyber Trooper's MAYHEM Tournament at GOEAZ 8/10-8/12

Posted: 01 Aug 2018, 10:03
by VOTwinstick
Not just one set of VOOT arcades at the Southwest's BIGGEST gaming event, Game On Expo... it gets TWO VOOT arcade sets!

VO-MC presents to all Cyber Trooper pilot/fighters who attend Game On Expo from the Aug.10th to the 12th... four, read it again...FOUR... VOOT arcades (2 pair)!
Cab set 1)
M.S.B.S. 5.2 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram is the first Sega arcade set released in 1998, and the Latest follow up...
Cab set 2)
M.S.B.S. 5.66 2000 EDITION!
This is a VO Double bang! VO-MC's Double bang contribution is included for the single cost of a Game On Expo admission (day or weekend pass)!

Count it friends... 3 day event and 4 VOOT cabs! There ought to be a law!

This will be Cyber Trooper's MAYHEM Tournament first shows at GOEAZ! Everyone can hone their skills on all 4 cabs (free Play)... but C.T. MAYHEM Tournament Battles only to be fought on the Ultimate VOOT... 2000 EDITION (Mind-Shift-Battle-System 5.66)! Tournament dates: 8/11 4pm and 8/12 2pm MST. MAYHEM Tournaments to be Live Streamed on Twitch:     
8/10 (Friday) to be designated for thorough practice all day for new pilots and pilot veterans.

VO-MC's DOJO Crew (VOTwinstick, Sweets, Pouncer and Cybes Kree) will be on hand to teach or remind all pilots the "twin stick operations" to insure in battle... you pilots are doing your best!

Note: 2000 Edition VOOT allows creation of "Customized Virtuaroids" on the Dreamcast VMU, including Gamer Tag & custom or sample "tramp Stamp logo" to be displayed on 5.66 ARCADE MONITOR! The VMU plugs directly into the 2000 Edition VOOT arcade control panel and those "Saved Files" will load those assets for battle!
I encourage all that read this post and attending GOEAZ to bring a Sega Dreamcast VMU with 200 blocks free! Sega Dreamcast will be on-site for you to create files on your VMU... use at GOEAZ for VOOT 5.66 fighting!
Take home the unique memories at GOEAZ and your CUSTOM saved VOOT files!
Hope to see you there!

Get Ready!

Game On Expo website/event details/location/passes:

XBLA: votwinstick, Twitter: @VOTwinstick, Discord: VOTwinstick#5721, Twitch: votwinstick, YouTube: VO MC, Niconico Donga: VOTwinstick,
VO DOJO Discord invite:

Re: Cyber Trooper's MAYHEM Tournament at GOEAZ 8/10-8/12

Posted: 02 Aug 2018, 00:46
by MentholMoose
Unfortunately I won't be able to make to this event. Maybe next time. But the setup looks amazing. Do you know the provenance of the 5.66 cab? Is it the one from from Arcade Infinity? I can't imagine many were imported from Japan. I still remember seeing the original eBay listing (IIRC $2500) around 2001 and wishing I could buy it. This was before AI put it in their arcade (10 minutes from my house). Glad to see it has found a good home.

Re: Cyber Trooper's MAYHEM Tournament at GOEAZ 8/10-8/12

Posted: 06 Aug 2018, 11:04
by VOTwinstick
Thanks for the compliment! Acquiring these 2 sets of VOOT cabs, our friend Twistedsymphony played a major role (we've done many deals).But these and three other trips to Cali... bought from a guy that had them in the back of a truck. The 5.66 had tokens from a local franchise pizza joint. I looked it up but now don't remember the name. If not sure what we talkin bout... Check GOEAZ Twitter post ... 18593?s=20