Two Tangrams? MIA?

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Jecht Striker
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Two Tangrams? MIA?

Postby Jecht Striker » 05 Mar 2011, 14:21

Recent promo videos for Force demonstrated TWO Tangrams appearing in the Control Saucer
( if you never saw it). However, going through Force, I have NO idea if they're actually in the game anywhere, and a friend who's farther along than I has not found them either.

Anybody know if there's anything to this?

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neo helbeast
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Re: Two Tangrams? MIA?

Postby neo helbeast » 05 Mar 2011, 16:39

theres 2 in the final traing mission. your obj is to kill them

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Re: Two Tangrams? MIA?

Postby Temjin747K » 06 Jan 2012, 15:14

So they're bosses for the training missions

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