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Online Matches

Posted: 02 Nov 2011, 14:09
by sploit
Ok I am in the UK and I got talking to a fellow Virtual On Player from the US...we can connect to each other to play online as we did missions co-operatively...but I am wondering if anyone else (at least to people) would be willing to play online so we can play versus - as at least 4 are needed for this. Not bothered if its ranked of player matches...just want some matches.

If playing during the week, the times need to be worked out, for instance its 09:08pm where I am now, and due to having to be up early in the morning for work, I can't really play after midnight.

Anyway if anyone is interested, would be kool to sort something out.


Re: Online Matches

Posted: 06 Oct 2014, 04:49
by LeonThePlum
hey i am from the uk and have force so if you want i could battle you sometime?

Re: Online Matches

Posted: 06 Oct 2014, 15:10
by Porcupine
That guy's post appears to be 3 years old, lol.

Darn I wish there was some way to contact vanished players and possibly entice them to come back.

Re: Online Matches

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:40
by sploit
Hey I am back :)

If you wanna have some online matches, just add my gamertag and shoot me a PM on there. Would be great to sort something out.

Thanks :D