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Dreamcast game servers being revived

Posted: 16 Apr 2015, 03:19
by MentholMoose | A DC online project site

Basically he is tracking down the developers of DC games that had online play, then contacting them to request the server software and/or code in an attempt to get the online mode working again. Surprisingly, he's had some success!! So far the server for Toy Racer (low budget, EU only) has been released, but apparently Alien Front Online is up next! This is a little different that Schtserv for PSO which IIRC was reverse engineered.

I wonder what other games might have their online play revived. I'd assume the system requirements for the server for a ~15 year old game would be pretty low, so running a server somewhere will be cheap or free.

Re: Dreamcast game servers being revived

Posted: 16 Apr 2015, 11:59
by Porcupine
One thing I noticed recently is that the VOOT soundtracks have rank down music in them. On Xbox 360, you can rank down in Force but not in VOOT. I haven't ever tried ranked in Force yet to investigate how the system works, but there is at least a little bit of correlation between rank and actual player skill as a result. (Also in Force, your rank is displayed in Player Match lobbies, unlike in VOOT). In some ways, anyway. You see a lot more green and blue guys in Force that are super high-level (probably because there is no Achievement or natural incentive to actually start playing Ranked) than you do in VOOT (because anyone who played a lot easily ranked to 5-star general). But if you see a 5-star general in Force that usually guarantees a minimal level of skill that is much higher than what the VOOT 5-star general guarantees (almost nothing).

I wonder if you could rank down on the Dreamcast VOOT servers?