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Choose any gamertag

Posted: 03 Jul 2019, 02:12
by MentholMoose

Re: Choose any gamertag

Posted: 09 Jul 2019, 18:50
by Porcupine
I think this is actually bad news disguised as good news to fool people. New gamertags now have a shorter length, from 16 characters (?) down to 12 characters, and the extra characters are used to auto-assign us a number e.g. #123, including one wasted character.

I won't even be able to make new Porcupine-XXX gamertags anymore due to the character limit. One small bonus is that everyone gets a free gamertag change if they are gullible enough to fall for the scheme. I recommend using this ability only if your new gamertag is unique and won't get assigned a number.

On the other side, PS3 and PS4 finally started allowing gamertag changes earlier this year. And even though the new system was explained to be buggy and was advertised only to work for newer PS4 games, people tried it and so far it seemed to work perfectly for most or all PS3 games. I used this ability on one of my old accounts and haven't experienced any problems so far.