Virtual-On Twin-Stick Mapping Guide

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Virtual-On Twin-Stick Mapping Guide

Post by mukiex » 17 Oct 2019, 11:02

I'm working on a DIY mapping guide for Virtual-On Twin Sticks. It can be found here.

It's a little early right now, but the eventual plan is for it to be the place to go for modding or basically rebuilding home Virtual-On sticks from old Saturn/Dreamcast Twin Sticks, and knowing both how to map them to a controller and how to set various titles in the Virtual-On franchise to work with those mappings, whether on the system itself or through an emulator.

Right now, the data it includes is:

- Button mapping, including control modes, for as many Virtual-On titles as I can personally test out and verify
- Stick wiring mapping. Basically, which color wire on the joystick PCB would go to which lead on a controller board. Another page includes a visual guide; made a vector diagram of the Saturn ASCII stick underside from a photo.
- Labels. Right now I've got an SVG of the Sega Saturn twin sticks in there

Thus far I've only got the Saturn sticks at home for getting this info, but I have a Dreamcast stick en route and will update the guide accordingly.

If you guys think there's any data that needs to be in there, lemme know. Among the things, I'd love to know the physical distance between the two sticks on Arcade, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, and PS4 boards.

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Re: Virtual-On Twin-Stick Mapping Guide

Post by MentholMoose » 18 Oct 2019, 00:31

Hi, welcome to the forums. IIRC some of this can be found on the forums. I wrote guides for wiring arcade Twin Sticks to Dreamcast and Xbox 360. I'll do some digging. I have most Twin Sticks variations so I can get measurements if I can't dig them up here.

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