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The 1st ever Saturn modem tournament, over Internet!

Posted: 12 Jan 2024, 09:24
by HerrCarl
This is the first ever tournament of Saturn Virtual-On, with many efforts in modernizing XBAND modem to be applicable on Internet.
It was firstly in VoIP, but now migrated to line voltage, which miraculous improved its connection capability, and made this tournament came true.
Below is a diagram of setup, retrieved from SHIRO! website:
A cover report link is here, and related materials about how to set up a modem link over Internet, are also available there.
Anyone who is interested in an authentic retro-gaming experience, with original Saturn console and modem, this is a must visit site for you. ... ournament/

Because the original bracket is shared in a hi-res, fat pic that exceeds the file size limit on this forum, so I created a backup record on Challonge:
Ranking and character used:
Also the winner and the runner-up, Rusputin and Moose, are now joined VO Community Discord too.