Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

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Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

Post by HerrCarl » 20 Nov 2021, 08:56

I have made some general input delay tests, on 3 of my available display configurations. Here is my summary:

1. Portable display ( 75ms ) has an obvious performance over video capture + laptop ( 199ms ), and TV ( 225ms ).
2. Surprisingly, OT ( 241ms ) didn't have a better latency performance over OMG. It is even a little bit slower.
3. Differences of input judging between different actions were confirmed.* It is a new knowledge to me.

All test were made on Playstation 4, Masterpiece. A custom DC twin stick, with Brook's fighting board, was used. A transistor cascaded with an LED, was used to visualize the status of input button. Three different display scenarios are:
1. TV
2. Portable Display
3. Video Capture Device and a Laptop

A camera capable to record at 1000 fps was used to record both screen output and LED logic. After raw videos were recorded, PotPlayer was used to check the correct first frame number of button pressing, and animation starting.

Input action tested here was "jump", for both OMG and OT.

Every scenario had at least 10 tests, and only 10 were recorded. Frame numbers were recorded and converted to either milli-second or frames in 60 fps.

Here I attach some screenshots of data and results, and a link to raw videos and spreadsheet. FYR.

Google spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

Raw video list: ... GelCMdbyTT

* A test finished earlier was using "standing right weapon" as the test action. It was conducted on TV, and the general latency is 264ms. Comparing to 225ms in today's test, it is a difference of 39ms, approximately 2 frames in 60 fps.
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OMG is the best!

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Re: Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

Post by MentholMoose » 01 Dec 2021, 02:21

Thanks for sharing this!

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