Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

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Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

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I have made some general input delay tests, on 3 of my available display configurations. Here is my summary:

1. Portable display ( 75ms ) has an obvious performance over video capture + laptop ( 199ms ), and TV ( 225ms ).
2. Surprisingly, OT ( 241ms ) didn't have a better latency performance over OMG. It is even a little bit slower.
3. Differences of input judging between different actions were confirmed.* It is a new knowledge to me.

All test were made on Playstation 4, Masterpiece. A custom DC twin stick, with Brook's fighting board, was used. A transistor cascaded with an LED, was used to visualize the status of input button. Three different display scenarios are:
1. TV
2. Portable Display
3. Video Capture Device and a Laptop

A camera capable to record at 1000 fps was used to record both screen output and LED logic. After raw videos were recorded, PotPlayer was used to check the correct first frame number of button pressing, and animation starting.

Input action tested here was "jump", for both OMG and OT.

Every scenario had at least 10 tests, and only 10 were recorded. Frame numbers were recorded and converted to either milli-second or frames in 60 fps.

Here I attach some screenshots of data and results, and a link to raw videos and spreadsheet. FYR.

Google spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

Raw video list: ... GelCMdbyTT

* A test finished earlier was using "standing right weapon" as the test action. It was conducted on TV, and the general latency is 264ms. Comparing to 225ms in today's test, it is a difference of 39ms, approximately 2 frames in 60 fps.
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Re: Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

Post by MentholMoose »

Thanks for sharing this!
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Re: Gross input latency test on PS4 Masterpiece, OMG and OT

Post by Porcupine »

Excellent testing, thanks very much for this.

I had tested VOOT frame data some years ago (I never posted close combat frames, although I did finish a detailed investigation on how CC frames and inputs work in general, and completed testing for Fei-Yen). I did not use any external hardware like you did, but my methods and results are exactly frame precise within the world and computations of the game code.

Note that VOOT in general has at least a 1 input frame delay for almost all actions, in order for the game to think and wait/analyze for multiple simultaneous inputs to enable more complex actions. I listed jumping as having a 3 frame delay in VOOT, but that is the delay to start rising off the ground. A VOOT jumping animation begins after a 1 frame delay, which I think is what you are using here.

In all VO games, pressing RW or LW has an extra 2 frame delay compared to pressing CW. This is because the games want to wait for an extra 2 frames to make it easier to press the left and right triggers together (in practical play, you may get around this delay by pressing RW or LW up to 2 frames earlier, so long as the situation/technique is an issue of timing and not reactions). In total, there is a 3 frame delay to press RW in VOOT because of the default 1 frame delay for almost everything.

There are a very few actions in VOOT that respond instantly, which I denoted as a 0 frame delay (in real world terms, this would be on the very next possible frame, plus any additional latency introduced by your real world hardware setup). This means it is possible that VOOM responds faster than VOOT, at least for some things like jumping. This should be limited to just 1 frame faster, which is in fact what you discovered.

I know that pressing RW or LW has an extra 2 frame delay in VOOM compared to pressing CW but never tested beyond that. I don't know if pressing RW or LW has a total 2 frame delay in VOOM, or a total 3 frame delay like in VOOT.

The latency to your TV will depend greatly on the kind of TV. It does not go by brand, but by each particular model with no reliable pattern regarding manufacturer. This information is generally not published but there are 3rd party websites that try to gather information on which TVs and monitors introduce the least latency. You may be able to reduce the latency by switching to a different kind of input or enabling a "game mode" if your TV has it.