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Re: VO: Force - who's in?!

Posted: 03 Mar 2015, 14:52
by Porcupine
You don't have to memorize any specific timings, freezes, or weapon animation times to play well, you just need to know how to play well in general. Completing mission mode is quite easy, especially with crystal EX power turned on, in which case it is a piece of cake. However you can only get up to A rank with EX powers on, if you want to get SS ranks you have to play legitimately.

I thought it was pretty easy to get SS rank in most of the 1st and 2nd Operation challenges, but there are a few tough ones, and there are a few which are more easily achieved with the right VR. Since I'm picky and only want to use VRs that I like, I have a harder time getting SS rank in some of these challenges, but fortunately I use several VR and usually at least one of them can achieve SS rank on a mission, and you only need to do it once to save it.

Arcade Operation is extremely brutal, though. I can't beat it without crystal EX power or some other form of cheating. I managed to beat a couple normally, but not fast enough to get beyond an A rank, so there was no point and I might as well use the EX power. Fortunately Arcade Operation or getting SS ranks in any mission is not required to unlock anything, it's just for looks.

Re: VO: Force - who's in?!

Posted: 03 Mar 2015, 20:26
by Palmpoa

Re: VO: Force - who's in?!

Posted: 03 Mar 2015, 23:39
by Porcupine
I'm not absolutely certain but I believe you can unlock any VR and/or color with almost any rank (as long as you finish the mission without dying), however getting higher ranks gives you more unlocks (quantity) per mission completed.

The quality of unlock (some VRs are considered more rare than others and J type X and 10/80 are rare) I think is lesser affected by rank, or completely unaffected. But the quality of unlock is affected by which mission you do. You have to do the tougher missions to unlock those, you will never get them from doing 1st Operation Mission 1 over and over.

If you just want to unlock rare VRs, turn on crystal EX power to max and just get A ranks in the tough missions. The final missions of 2nd Operation are best (Arcade Operation takes too long and is only for show or self-challenge). You are practically invincible with full EX power.