Newbie questions about Virtual On

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Newbie questions about Virtual On

Post by SinisterSticks »

I was considering making my own twin stick controller with a button arrangement in the middle to act as an ambidextrous fight stick.

The side effect is it could be used for twin stick games like Robotron and Smash TV.

I heard virtual on is considered a good twin stick game. I have the first one for the Saturn and a version for the Xbox 360.

The first obvious thing I noticed about the official Saturn controller is that there is a thumb button and a trigger button on each of the two sticks.

Now I got a question I have no idea what the answer is: Are the joysticks supposed to be analog or digital?

I assume if they're analog natively then I could plug into pc15 sticks with two buttons a piece into USB adapters and then hook those into an Xbox adaptive controller and I got myself Virtual On Twin Sticks.

If they are natively digital then I got a problem. I'm looking for fightstick handles there are larger than typical handles and have a thumb and index finger button at least. I know all the large handle joysticks are usually analog and I considered flight sticks that fight sticks.

I wonder if anyone sells a fight stick handle that has at least those two buttons and has a cord coming out below the pinky where you hook it up to your PCB.

Such a concept was tried in the 80s with the CBS Electronics booster grip for the 2600. It added one some button and index finger button to a joystick for use with Omega Race.

It seems like most these communities are very narrow in the sense that they know very well they cater to one very particular crowd but cater to it very deeply.

Does anyone know a place where you can buy screw on handles for standard IL mag stick?

I've seen some hollow joysticks with wires coming out the bottom but those are not good for me for one main reason. For Colecovision games, the two buttons have to be on different grounds for it to work properly.

Just seeing if there are any pre-existing solutions for add on handles to existing digital sticks AKA fight sticks. That would also come in handy for Total Carnage which has a land mine button.

Then again it may be moot if the games are optimized to be analog, and I probably got all the equipment I need with two PC 15 analog sticks.

I'm just speaking as a general game lover talking to the specific virtual on community what I need to know for this to work.

Also twin sticks would come in handy on certain Virtual Boy games, like Teleroboxer.

By the way I'm new in the Virtual On community. My main online Claim to Fame in Fight Game communities is me overcoming big barriers by switching to a right-handed joystick in Street Fighter 2 and similar era and earlier games. If you want to read my story of how for 24 hours I went from winless to perfect just by having a right-handed fight stick against what was arguably considered fairly High competition, (let's just say he was later famous for gaming twice on national basic cable TV during the zeros) type my username and add a ".com" after that and visit that website.

By the way I make no money on my website it's just a personal blog about the subject of right handedness and video games. I'm not trying to sell you anything, except the idea that maybe it's not in your best interest to have a left-handed joystick, assuming you're right-handed with most everything else. I have no physical product to sell on the website, just demonstrating my personal joystick as a model for possible future Mass Market ambidextrous fight sticks.

I'm just checking here to see if it's worth going out of my way to get a handle with a thumb and index finger button for two joysticks that somehow attached the 3.5 mm TRS cables.

One final opinion on my opening statement, I bought Arms for Nintendo Switch thinking it was going to be like Virtual On except with long-range punches as opposed to guns. Apparently Arms does not control like Virtual On which I always thought was described as Battlezone controls, (tank controls). And personally I think the fact that everyone Auto centers kind of ruins that the game for the speedy characters who use speed and confusion as their main weapons because if you could Auto center and auto track then that weapon gets taken away.
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Re: Newbie questions about Virtual On

Post by MentholMoose »

Welcome to the forum! The VO arcade and official Twin Stick controllers for console have digital joysticks. That said, with the VO games on Xbox 360 the analog sticks of the gamepad can be used. If you have analog joysticks that can be wired up and are functional I think the game would be fine. Many people have put together custom Twin Sticks over the years so take a look at Custom Twin Sticks roundup for ideas/inspiration.