Under Night in-Birth

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Under Night in-Birth

Post by DarkraiZero »

Anyone here checking out this game when it launches this Thursday on PS3 in Japan (July 24th, 2014) or watched videos of matches from Japanese arcades? Pretty cool game in my opinion. Looks like the speed of Guilty Gear combined with the combo system of Blazblue and Arcana Heart

Here is a few videos to check it out if you might be interested.

High level Arcade matches:

Stream highlight of PS3 version's training mode:
OMG: Apharmd, Temjin, Bal-Bas-Bow
VOOT: Temjin, Bal-Bados
VO4: Specineff 13 The Sin
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Re: Under Night in-Birth

Post by ChexGuy »

Interested mostly because it's French Bread. Seems like the BlazBlue to Melty Blood's Guilty Gear.

That and a [legal] copy of MBAACC is impossible to come across.