VR move and damage lists, with distance attenuation

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VR move and damage lists, with distance attenuation

Post by Porcupine »

I'm going to put together a complete damage list for a few VRs, starting with Fei-Yen VH. The purpose of this exercise is not just to list the damages. I am more interested in studying how damages drop with distance, which tends to happen on RW attacks for most VRs. I will tablulate this extremely precisely with Fei-Yen VH but am hoping to discover general patterns which will allow other VRs to be completely described in a more succinct manner.

I will use Vox "Dan" as the main punching bag for damages because he has exactly 1000 HP. However I will note that Force has a minor glitch with HP readouts. Sometimes they will be off by 0.1% even when they should be exact according to the moves and damages that have been sustained. It is not the case that the claimed move damages or HP values are imprecise or slightly off because the 0.1% errors go in both directions and balance out after successive identical hits. It is merely an issue with Force having a funky way of calculating the damage percentages for display purposes only. I suspect Force calculates these percentages based off of Temjin 747A who has 1050 HP because he never has these 0.1% glitches against moves that do a perfectly whole number percent of damage to him. (But there are instead going to be moves that do fractional percent damage to Temjin 747A). I might use Temjin 747A as a punching bag for some tests but I will adjust for his HP.

standing RW
100 damage at 10m
100 damage at 85m (minimum outside of CC RW range)
100 damage at 109m
unstable at 110m
99 damage at 111m
99 damage at 114m
unstable at 115m
97 damage at 116m
97 damage at 119m
unstable at 120m
95 damage at 121m
95 damage at 124m
unstable at 125m
92 damage at 126m
92 damage at 130m
unstable at 131m
90 damage at 132m
90 damage at 135m
unstable at 136m
88 damage at 137m
88 damage at 141m
unstable at 142m
86 damage at 143m
86 damage at 146m
unstable at 147m
83 damage at 148m
83 damage at 152m
unstable at 153m
81 damage at 154m
81 damage at 158m
unstable at 159m
79 damage at 160m
79 damage at 164m
unstable at 165m
76 damage at 166m
76 damage at 170m
unstable at 171m
74 damage at 172m
74 damage at 176m
unstable at 177m
71 damage at 178m
71 damage at 183m
unstable at 184m
69 damage at 185m
69 damage at 189m
unstable at 190m
66 damage at 191m
66 damage at 196m
unstable at 197m
63 damage at 198m
63 damage at 202m
unstable at 203m
61 damage at 204m
61 damage at 209m
unstable at 210m
58 damage at 211m
58 damage at 216m
unstable at 217m
55 damage at 218m
55 damage at 223m
unstable at 224m
52 damage at 225m
52 damage at 230m
unstable at 231m
49 damage at 232m
49 damage at 237m
unstable at 238m
47 damage at 239m
47 damage at 245m
unstable at 246m
44 damage at 247m
44 damage at 252m
unstable at 253m
41 damage at 254m
41 damage at 259m
unstable at 260m
40 damage at 261m
40 damage at 413m (maximum range of projectile)
unstable at 414m
5 damage at 415m (bomb splash damage)
5 damage at 422m (added time delay for bomb expansion)
inconsistent at 423m

What we can see so far is that in the region where damage is dropping with distance, it decreases linearly, but in discrete step intervals instead of perfectly smoothly. Also the first and last decrease may be less than the decreases in-between. At the exact distances where damage is transitioning to the next level, the damage is unstable. It may be either the greater or lesser value depending on exactly what the fractional distance is. Usually the damage stays at this value for successive shots, but occasionally you can get a random mixture of values while standing at the same spot if you are right on the border.

I briefly tested Fei-Yen VH standing RW against Temjin 747A for comparison. The damage dropping region on him occurs between 111m and 261m, instead of 110m and 260m against Vox "Dan". This is odd and backwards because body rubbing tests suggest that Vox "Dan" is 1m longer than Temjin in the front. But for collision detection against projectiles, Temjin is longer. My explanation is that VR hitboxes aren't perfect cylinders vertically. Incoming projectiles may strike at a different height than where two rubbing VRs touch each other.

standing LW
50 damage at 12m
50 damage at 95m (minimum outside of CC LW range)
50 damage at 125m
unstable at 126m
49 damage at 127m
49 damage at 133m
unstable at 134m
47 damage at 135m
47 damage at 141m
unstable at 142m
46 damage at 143m
46 damage at 150m
unstable at 151m
45 damage at 152m
45 damage at 158m
unstable at 159m
43 damage at 160m
43 damage at 167m
unstable at 168m
42 damage at 169m
42 damage at 176m
unstable at 177m
40 damage 178m
40 damage at 185m
unstable at 186m
39 damage at 187m
39 damage at 194m
unstable at 195m
37 damage at 196m
37 damage at 203m (maximum distance of lock-on ailment)
unstable at 204m
36 damage at 205m (no lock-on ailment inflicted)
36 damage at 213m
unstable at 214m
34 damage at 215m
34 damage at 223m
unstable at 224m
33 damage at 225m
33 damage at 233m
unstable at 234m
31 damage at 235m
31 damage at 243m
unstable at 244m
30 damage at 245m
30 damage at 573m (maximum range)
unstable at 574m (vanishes)

The closest Fei-Yen VH can stand to Vox "Dan" increases from 10m to 12m in this case because the attack animation of standing LW pushes Fei-Yen VH an extra 2m back. Note this also suggests that the forward arm length (initial location at which the projectile appears relative to her center) of standing LW is 2m longer than standing RW. Separate tests I did also showed that standing LW appears roughly 6m to the left of her center, while standing RW appears roughly 3m to the right of her center. Fei-Yen's natural half-body width is 4m in comparison. Sideways arm length doesn't really affect these tests though because it is in a perpendicular direction.

Comparing the data for standing LW with standing RW reveals other new things. The distance step intervals are larger than for standing RW. Furthermore, the step intervals slowly get larger with increasing distance, both for standing LW and RW. Reflecting upon this, I realized what creates these step intervals. They are caused by the discrete frame rate of the game, together with the speed of the projectile. Therefore, we can in fact measure the speed of the projectile by looking at this data! Another thing we learn is that projectiles speed up slightly as they travel. This may be a general phenomena for many energy projectiles. Both standing LW and standing RW appear to have identical acceleration values relative to their base speed. Let's make some graphs with our data.

crouching LW
40 damage at 10m
40 damage at 95m (minimum outside of CC LW range)
40 damage at 129m
unstable at 130m
38 damage at 131m
38 damage at 138m
unstable at 139m
37 damage at 140m
37 damage at 146m
unstable at 147m
36 damage at 148m
36 damage at 155m
unstable at 156m
34 damage at 157m
34 damage at 164m
unstable at 165m
33 damage at 166m
33 damage at 173m
unstable at 174m
31 damage at 175m
31 damage at 183m
unstable at 184m
30 damage at 185m
30 damage at 192m
unstable at 193m
28 damage at 194m
28 damage at 202m
unstable at 203m
26 damage at 204m
26 damage at 211m
unstable at 212m
25 damage at 213m
25 damage at 221m
unstable at 222m
23 damage at 223m
23 damage at 231m
unstable at 232m
22 damage at 233m
22 damage at 240m
unstable at 241m
20 damage at 242m
20 damage at 413m
unstable at 414m (vanishes)

turbo LW
180 damage at 13m
180 damage at 95m (minimum outside of CC LW range)
180 damage at 125m
unstable at 126m
178 damage at 127m
178 damage at 135m
unstable at 136m
177 damage at 137m
177 damage at 145m
unstable at 146m
175 damage at 147m
175 damage at 156m
unstable at 157m
173 damage at 158m
173 damage at 167m
unstable at 168m
172 damage at 169m
172 damage at 178m
unstable at 179m
170 damage at 180m
170 damage at 190m
unstable at 191m
168 damage at 192m
168 damage at 202m
unstable at 203m
166 damage at 204m
166 damage at 214m
unstable at 215m
164 damage at 216m
164 damage at 226m
unstable at 227m
162 damage at 228m
162 damage at 238m
unstable at 239m
160 damage at 240m
160 damage at 250m
unstable at 251m
158 damage at 252m
158 damage at 262m
unstable at 263m
156 damage at 264m
156 damage at 274m
unstable at 275m
154 damage at 276m
154 damage at 286m
unstable at 287m
152 damage at 288m
152 damage at 298m
unstable at 299m
150 damage at 300m
150 damage at 310m (maximum distance to stagger Vox "Dan")
unstable at 311m
149 damage at 312m (does not stagger Vox "Dan")
149 damage at 322m
unstable at 323m
147 damage at 324m
147 damage at 334m
145 damage at 340m
143 damage at 352m
141 damage at 364m (random electric stun inflicted)
139 damage at 376m (no random electric stun inflicted)
137 damage at 388m
135 damage at 400m
133 damage at 412m
131 damage at 424m
129 damage at 436m
127 damage at 448m
126 damage at 467m (slightly unstable)
124 damage at 468m
124 damage at 479m (slightly unstable)
122 damage at 480m (slightly unstable)
120 damage at 496m
118 damage at 508m
116 damage at 520m
114 damage at 532m
112 damage at 544m
110 damage at 556m
108 damage at 568m
106 damage at 580m
104 damage at 592m
102 damage at 611m (slightly unstable)
101 damage at 612m (slightly unstable)
101 damage at 623m
100 damage at 624m (slightly unstable)
100 damage at 767m
unstable at 768m (vanishes)

Turbo LW randomly puts the enemy into an electric stun, otherwise they get a normal stagger which pushes them back 30m. The arm length of turbo LW pushes Fei-Yen out to 14m, but 1m of this occurs from the recovery animation because if the enemy staggers they only get pushed out to 43m.
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Re: VR move and damage lists, with distance attenuation

Post by Zaarock »

Kagekiyo 'Forest' Information dump (incomplete, but will be more thorough than japanese wiki):


RW 25%
90-70 dmg

very good but need to watch ammo. very safe and big damage if you land a full gauge. can displace by positioning tip of spear. The main neutral attack

cRW 25% (can chain two)
50 dmg

bad tracking, no homing and limited range. generally useless

TRW 100%
(0-400) 200-160 dmg

zero tracking or homing, tiny hitbox. even disappears at range. goes over walls but garbage unless used point blank. Mountain has a much better TRW which is why people consider it better.

cTRW 100%
80-120 dmg & stun at >133 range

No tracking or homing, slow moving. Only reason to use this is to get a stun for a guaranteed combo. Does more damage the further the projectile flies, but it’s pointless to try to take advantage of.

jRW 20%x3
50x3 dmg

Has some uses as a support attack or finisher. Decent damage. basically normal RW in the air

jTRW 100%

tiny laser. good luck hitting with it

no homing

55x3 dmg

No homing. General use ground forward dash attack, but weak. Using increased rotation makes this a fair bit better.

no homing

fADRW 40%
30x2 dmg

Decent safe dash attack if used at very low altitude.

sideADRW 40%
40x2 dmg

more damage than forwards close up. but hard to hit.

back & backdiagADRW 40%
40x2 dmg


LW 70%
50 dmg

Flies forward a bit, then freezes before going at opponent. Very unreliable as to actually hitting. Safe to throw out as it has a short animation, so feel free to use it for pressure if you have no other use for the gauge. All non-forward dash LW behave like the same.

cLW 70%
all ranges: 50 dmg

Flies in a straight line towards your opponent. No homing makes this very hard to hit with. Still has uses though.

jLW 70%
? dmg

floats in place and does nothing. useless air-mine

TLW 100%
150 dmg

High homing ability to very long range, damages with a big explosion. Excellent support and pressure tool, but the attack animation takes long. Can use behind low walls while staying safe.

jTLW 100%
100 dmg

inferior to ground version, but may be useful in rare situations

fGDLW 70%
50 dmg

superb homing at range. there is usually no reason to use this over the air dash variant though.

fADLW 70%
50 dmg

superb homing at range. use with a low air dash to get immediate landing recovery. very good safe attack for chip damage and teammate assist.


CW 55%
close(120): 210 dmg
far(560-660): 111 dmg

Low horizontal homing like all following CW types. decent at hitting jumping enemies. goes over many walls. big damage up close.

cCW 40% / slide half cancel: 26%
close(160)-far(460): 80 dmg

very high knockdown value. slow moving. tracking and homing are terrible and stop very quickly, making this very useless as it flies in a straight line.

fGDCW 55%
close(0-?): 210 dmg
far(500): 111 dmg

Your most powerful forward dash attack. Good anti-air. Note that the damage values are still exactly the same as neutral CW.

bGDCW 55%
close(0-?): 100 dmg
far(500): 60 dmg

fADCW 55%
close(0-?): 160 dmg
medium(300): 125 dmg

Very high vertical homing & can aim directly below. Safer to throw out than ground version.

fdiagonalADCW 55%
close(0-?): 130 dmg

keeps homing indefinitely. good vertical homing