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5-Star General

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I finally became a 5-Star General this past weekend, after three long years hehehe! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Our other generals know I could have done it faster, but I prefer the simple titles (Corporal, Major, Colonel, etc) over the longer titles (Chief Sergeant Major, Lieutenant General, etc) so I stayed at plain General with four stars for a year. I failed my goal of being the 5-Star General with the lowest point total on my Friends list though, that honor goes to a certain Japanese player, he has 2666 points and I needed 2673 points. I played with too many Green players that don't increase your rank. :mrgreen:

I probably won't play ranked with my main account anymore to freeze my point total, but I have two other ranked accounts and one is already a 2-Star General.

I've been doing pretty well against Cypher players recently, so I should probably challenge Schooly D at this point to see if my ranking granted me any new powers. I've been doing bad against Apharmd B though.