Blacklisted Force players page

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Blacklisted Force players page

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I came upon this a few months ago. The page is apparently too old for any of us to be on it, but some of the comments are pretty funny.

Highlights from Google translate (better translations welcome):

DauntingJeans64 / God rank / Guarayakha / Embodiment of all the evil of this world. Continue to use the endlessly Guarayakha also a story room, not Reflecting also defeat of its own team for the defeat point. Isuwari to underdogs room to exploit the green badge. There is also reported to have a small fish hunting Player Match of attitude has become terrible for evil god

inushiba747a / S rank / rant delivery / Temjin 747A / Arms risk VC for Class C's, but the mouth of the S-class look down type Big Mouth

OGIZOU / SS rank / Immediate adhesive if found to lick up female players. There are sections that take a wrong Force and the dating game. Job play multiple

Preludio59 / A rank/ Job-flop / Temjin 747F / Relentlessly Vulcan chase out to provocation to the other party that was down. Reflection of no color to perform kno advocacy of Barebare in bleached attrition

refma / B rank/ small fish / Fei-Yen PH / Misunderstanding female players Twitter you are convinced that would forgive anything if Apologize during the competition also is doing, but self-satisfaction level of waste long tweet often typical attention whore voice: Mom's system

SwordedShepherd / S0Y0KA / S rank / dog / Kagekiyo "Fire" / Force thinks dating game. The other party reluctant to dangle after and started to say, come to be referred to as stalker reserve army. Or say bad things about in the shade of the people who came in Nora that is not participating in the PT in the relatives Player Match, the disabled community that are laughing giddy look blue green behavior in the PT. Lipica to Gokigen up in the entertainment play flatter and cladding deliberately attack. We are good at licking up do RW and proximity only three round intently. Or head is wrong, because there is a bad habit to freely publish the ill of others, attention. Pamper Lipica is Zocho, because it was carried out the conversation too painful, Storm of female players criticism has become and be deployed in the exposed thread.

From what little we know of these players, there is some truth behind these accusations but it is amusingly exaggerated. Not sure if this page is serious or not.