VOOT is now Backwards Compatible!

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VOOT is now Backwards Compatible!

Post by The World - 2.0 »

Exactly what it says on the subject line: Ten or so minutes before typing this post, I found out that VOOT is now Backwards Compatible on the Xbox One! :D

Here's a link to the Gamespot article where I got this info:

https://www.gamespot.com/articles/five- ... 0-6451219/
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Re: VOOT is now Backwards Compatible!

Post by Porcupine »

Wow I did not see that one coming. Bad timing for me, I just lost my internet connection at home and my Gold ran out as well (though it is convenient that both happened at the same time).

If there is a flurry of activity though I will do what I can to get back on. Perhaps this is a related to the new Virtual-On game somehow. I'm thinking that Microsoft may need the permission of the developer to make a game backwards compatible, and that is more likely to happen when the developer is still active.
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Re: VOOT is now Backwards Compatible!

Post by max99 »

Just booted it up on xbox one. Plays exactly as I remember it. Managed to find a quick match straight away too. Woo hoo!

Are there still regular xbox 360 (and now Xbox one) gatherings?