House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

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House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

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Sorry for not posting this bit of news sooner, but a new House of the Dead game was announced last month! :D It was available to play at this year's JAEPO(Japan Amusement Expo). The game, called "House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn," will have stuff such as nationwide ranking, Trophy function, and Master Mode through the use of things called Aime cards. Also, based on the recorded videos I've seen so far, there will also be a lot of throwbacks to the very first HOTD game(the one that came out in '96/'97), such as returning zombies, including a rematch with Chariot ~ Type 27, the first boss from the original game.

This is very big news(for me, at least), because I've been a huge fan of the series since I was little.

Again, sorry that I posted this about a month late.
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Re: House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

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It looks good!