Specineff advanced techniques

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Specineff advanced techniques

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A Japanese player was recently talking about Specineff and taught me a second variation of the Super Cancel technique I didn't know about. This family of glitches relies on the fact that Specineff can cancel any stationary move into his BTCW at any time. The BTCW input can be modified so that it shoots something else or doesn't fire at all, removing his recovery times. Performing any of these techniques requires wings and 52.5% energy gauge so he can shoot BTCW.

Method #1: Super Jump -- Hold LT+RT, then press jump and CW at the same time. The turbos can he held significantly earlier as usual, but jump+CW must be entered on the same frame. This makes Specineff jump without shooting anything and is commonly jump canceled right afterward.

Method #2: Super Cancel -- Hold a direction+LT+RT, then press CW. This shoots walking CW, his doesn't move so it gets mistaken for standing CW, but you can alter the starting placement of the wave by varying the direction. If you have between 52.5% and 74.5% energy, CW can't fire and this cancels into a walk.

The Japanese player in this old Super Jump Cancel replay does all the above techniques, as well as canceling into sliding crCW a couple times. Pressing crouch on the exact frame after CW does that. I don't know of an easier way.

Upon checking frames I learned that Super Cancel #2 always cancels into a walk and just happens to enter walking CW on the next frame due to holding the inputs. This led to the discovery of evolved versions of both techniques that are apparently new to most Japanese players.

Easier Super Jump -- Hold a direction+LT+RT, then press jump and CW at the same time. This performs the normal Super Jump, but if you make a mistake and jump a frame late it will still work. Players on twinsticks may utilize this trick unconsciously.

New Super Cancel -- Hold a direction+LT+RT, then tap CW and release the direction immediately afterward. If you A) let go of CW in 1 frame, or B) let go of the direction in 1 frame, Specineff recovers walking. B) also works when letting go of the direction after 2 frames, in this case there is a short animation.

I made a replay to show the New Super Cancel although I only succeed half the time. In round one I tried method A) which is almost physically impossible without a turbo controller. My technique was to tap LW, then press RW while letting go of LW. This works because LW and RW need 3 frames to register; it's a system in all VO games to make pressing CW easier. In the later rounds I tried method B) which is easier since the direction can be pressed in advance.

The empty swing animation in method B) is a walk stop gitch. Most can cancel into a dash immediately, but Specineff's empty CW doesn't move and can't dash until frame 13. That's still almost as quick as a Super Jump Cancel; I didn't dash out in the video for clarity.