Regular Mini-tournament for beginners on VO MP: OMG

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Regular Mini-tournament for beginners on VO MP: OMG

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After the conclusion of the FCC 2021 and the whole 2021 tournament season for Virtual-On Masterpiece: OMG on PS4/PS5, I would like to hold a regular running mini-tournaments for beginners in OMG, with its build-in Special Match. It's Mini-Tournament and League Battle is a quite efficient type of player based matches.

It runs fast because the match starting is automatic, the type is nicely mimic legitimate tournaments in a smaller scale, and the thoroughly run matches ensures everyone's chances in fighting against each of other players at least once.

I have made some documents and a trial run video for you to understand it. Please have a look, and contact me if you are interested in joining us:

Briefing of Recruiting Beginners' Mini-Tournament: ... sp=sharing

Introduction to Mini-Tournament and League Battle: ... sp=sharing

Trial run of M-T and L-B, in 4 players:
OMG is the best!